The Quietus preview the Raw Power Festival & The Jimmy Cake appearance

Dublin ensemble The Jimmy Cake have a tendency to vanish and reappear as it pleases them, so it is crucial, first and foremost, to tell you that the chance to catch the seven-piece instrumental troupe is something that is not to be dismissed if you can help it.

Forming in 2000, the band have released five albums with a sixth, Tough Love set to land in June via Penske Recordings. Over the course of those sporadic and unpredictable years The Jimmy Cake’s output has veered from neo-classical and folk tinged post-rock akin to Do Make Say Think or Godspeed! You Black Emperor on 2002’s Dublin Gone Everybody Dead to celestial krautrock drive á la Neu! on 2015’s ‘Death Can Fuck Off’.

Known for behemoth live performances rife with swerving improvisation and remarkable heft, The Jimmy Cake’s opening set on Sunday’s Raw Power bill will liven the souls of those a bit tender from Friday and Saturday’s proceedings.


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