The Altered Hours ‘On My Tongue’ EP out now!!

On My Tongue EP


After a year’s worth of touring in support of their debut album ‘In Heat Not Sorry’, The Altered Hours headed for Dublin’s Bow Lane Studios, where over the course of three days they produced a fast-paced and grittier recording to their debut. Clocking in at just 15 minutes, On My Tongue is a window into the rock and roll heart of the group; a side they plan on delving into even deeper with their second album.

Available on limited edition pink as well as standard black vinyl.

On My Tongue | Open Wide | Over The Void | Hey No Way


On My Tongue 12” vinyl is available now at the following stores in Ireland:

Bunker Vinyl- Cork
Plugd Records – Cork
Music Zone – Cork
Freebird Records – Dublin
Steamboat Records – Limerick
Liber – Sligo

You can also order from Cargo Records online & via the Art For Blind Records site.